Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hell with cricket pitches in India !!!!

Hell with cricket pitches in India !!!!.

Cricket pitches in India is a sorry story for good players.More often than not you will get a pitch where batsman will murder the bowlers or the spinner will take more than 15 wickets in a test match.

Is it too hard to prepare a sporting wicket??? No not at all.

Why BCCI was not able to prepare sporting wickets?
* Is it lack of experience -- No
* Is it a lack of money -- Big No
* Is it something to do with climate in India -- Minimally Yes.
* Is it lack of importance given to the pitch condition -- Partially yes.
* Is it the commercially motivated -- Big Yes.

What is the solution?
* Train the curators and make them understand how a good sporting wicket is prepared.
* BCCI should be open to introduce the sporting wickets in State Level Matches.

Recently I read an article which should help other curators too !!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sri Lankan Tamils

Having heard the atrocities and genocide against sri lankan Tamils,I had sleepless nights thinking about their sufferings.

I want to express my sincere condolences to the people who went through this black period in human history.

There is a lesson for every Tamil here,BE UNITED and advance technologically to protect yourself from butchering by others.

"Kalthondri manthondri kadalthondraa mun
thondria moothakudiyagiya naam indru
ulagam aliyum mun alinthu viduvom polirukku
Darwinin theory nybagam varugirathu
Ondrupatta tamilinam yeni ulagalattum
andru naan mannan alla,verum thondanthaan"

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Old memories of playing cricket.

I had played cricket for my school,district,college,MNC's I worked for and some of the big academies in Bangalore.I had only few photographs,certificates,trophies and videos to remember the days I played cricket.

One of the very important video is taken below at Koramangala Cricket Academy Nets.I am living in US now and didn't get time and opportunity to play cricket which makes me watch this video once in a month to relish my past glories.

Unfortunately I didn't get the video of mine batting right handed.I use to bat right handed in most of the matched and bat left handed in few of the matches.

Batting :

Bowling :

IPL 2008 Grand Finale

Like most of the young crowd in India who likes cricket felt the vaccum in life without IPL in our daily schedules.It's like one month of terrific entertainment and nail biting finishes.
It has unearthed some young talented Indian cricketers to the world stage and play against some of the best international cricketers.

Having played my cricket for most of my time in my younger days(Before 26:)),I never thought of taking cricket as my career path since it is not lucrative as well as lot of politics behind it.Still a Ranji trophy cricketer who plays for his state will receive Rs 2500 for a match.Even that also after a month from the match day as Cheque.

In total IPL was a grand success led by carefull planning and superior administration.Though the length of the tournament can be reduced to give a good international window which will bring in more international players.

Lets discuss about the IPL final,I expected Rajasthan Royals to win but I supported Chennai team.My heart said CSK but my mind said RR.

Nevermind I had witnessed a tremendous match which lasted till the last ball of the match.Though Chennai could have won the final if they would have hold their nerves till the lat moment.

Kudos to Yusuf Pathan who played a blinder of innings to take RR closer to the total with lusty hitting.I feel he is going to contribute to Indian Cricket team in a big time and matured as a cricketer.

People say momentum is very important in cricket,that is the trick behind RR's success in IPL.Warne showed everyone with the kind of so called underdog resources,he portrayed a winning script with tremendous ownership among the team members.

My heart was beating too fast in the last few overs of the match and couldn't control myself with my emotions.I felt very sad when I saw CSK losing but I felt very proud for RR guys who played tremendous cricket through out the tournament.

For me as cricketer either CSK wins or RR wins,but cricket won there and gave me tremendous pleasure to witness one of the exciting games of cricket.

Waiting for the next edition of IPL with lesser matches but with lot of fun.....